Carthage (Missouri), Sài Gòn (Viet Nam) and Pulau Galang (Indonesia).. the island of Galang, Indonesia, a now repurposed refugee camp that hosted and.

" A temporary camp named Kuku on Jemaja Island was another hell within the Indonesian territories. On this island where Vietnamese arrives were held temporarily in military tents before their refugee-screening interview and subsequent transfer to other centers such as Pulau Galang refugee camp, Indonesian soldiers often kidnapped female Asylees.

Oct 15, 2012. massage, nightlife, golf, cable water skiing, Galang refugee camp historic site, food, Baraleng Bridge Connecting Batam to Pulau Galang.

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Students will explore the site of the former refugee camp of Pulau Galang in Indonesia and will have the opportunity to reflect on the refugees’ journeys and their resettlement experiences in Australia.

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Jul 18, 1975  · Galang (Indonesian: Pulau Galang ) is an island of 80 km located 25 m (40 km) southeast of Batam , belonging to a group of three islands called Barelang (abbreviation of Batam – Rempang – Galang ). Part of the Riau Archipelago , Indonesia, Galang is located just south of Batam and Rempang which themselves are just south of Singapore and Johor.

Sumitra found herself in Indonesia after she accepted the job, where she lived and worked at the Pulau Galang refugee camp for Vietnamese boat people. "Then I found myself in a quandary. What do I do.

Galang Refugee Camp was also on an island, but with a much larger area than Bidong. More than 170,000 Indochinese, the great majority Boat People, were temporarily resident at Galang while it served as a refugee camp from 1975 until 1996.

Vinh Pham, 62, of Garden Grove escaped the communist regime in Vietnam in 1979 and eventually arrived in the Pulau Bidong refugee camp in Malaysia.

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Galang Refugee Camp is situated in Galang Island (Pulau Galang), about 50km from Batam Island and connected by Barelang Bridge, to accommodate Vietnamese refugees from 1979 to 1996 while they waited for the result of the procedure to determine their refugees status and.

Bidong Boat people. If you stayed in this camp, we need your story. Any information is highly appreciated. If you see it here, we’d still like to hear from you.

He fled Vietnam with his girlfriend in June 1989 aboard a small boat with 72 others for a three-day passage across the South China Sea to Pulau Galang, an island refugee camp in Indonesia that process.

Galang Refuge Camp – Historical site On the south sound of Batam Island is the Barelang Bridge built in 1992 connecting Batam to 5 smaller islands. As you enter the last bridge there is a historic site called Galang Refugee Camp.

Immigration officer John McEachern interviewing people at the Galang Island refugee camp in Indonesia. to Canadian diplomat John McEachern interviewing refugees at a refugee camp in Pulau.

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Singapore Cycling – Batam. going from island to island and ending at Pulau Galang Baru, 64 kilometres further south. The local people baptized the road ‘Barelang Road’, contracted from the main islands Batam, Rempang and Galang. there is the start of the road that leads to the former Vietnamese refugee camp. It is worth visiting if you.

Aug 28, 1981. The number of Ethiopian refugees in camps was reported by the. leaving two camps along the eastern coast of the peninsula (Pulau. These refugees had been accommodated in the first asylum camp on Galang Island in.

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I’ve heard of the little known location, Pulau Galang, where they used to have a Vietnamese refugee camp (Yes, in one of the Riau Islands in Indonesia!), and.

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After Kuku, they were transferred to Pulau Galang Island, Indonesia, to a U.N.-run refugee camp where they were to be processed for resettlement. At Galang, Vinh says, he did not see refugees tortured like they were at Kuku, but food was still scarce.

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Galang Refugee Camp was also on an island, but with a much larger area than Bidong. More than 170,000 Indochinese, the great majority Boat People, were temporarily resident at Galang while it served as a refugee camp from 1975 until 1996.

They gave us food and water and helped us get to shore. I lived at the Pulau Galang refugee camp in Indonesia for three years. My kids had to stay with my parents because I didn’t have enough money to.